There is something about New York City in early fall, and this year for fashion week was no exception. We cannot believe New York Fashion Week has already come and gone! It felt like we waited on it forever, and then in a second, it passed us by. It was just a year ago that we had a smaller group of Style Collective Sisters get together for brunch for New York Fashion Week, and this year we had a Style Collective event with 300 attendees at Inside Park at St. Bart’s. We have grown a lot in the last year, and it’s about time we celebrate that a little!

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The event started at 6 pm, and VIP treatment started from the second you entered the event.  As you were waiting to enter, you could hear the music, so if you weren’t already pumped enough, this definitely set the vibe for a fun night ahead.  At the door, you gave your name and received your ticket, which was a Style Collective pink bracelet and two drink tickets for rose.  I mean, what more could you ask for when entering a party?!  So, first things first, you had to “stop and smell the rose” at the bar.  This sign was the perfect touch to the bar!

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There were pink balloons, swag bags, delicious snacks, an Instagram wall, and even iced sugar cookies with Style Collective on them!  There was even a scavenger hunt for the ladies, and even a Bingo version for the men of the night.  Yes, you read that correctly: all Instagram boyfriends and hubbies were welcome to this event.  So, if you came single with just your gal pals, you obviously had plenty to do and see, but if your man was with you, he was also welcome, and for once he wasn’t the only guy at an event like this having to take all of the pics.

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All Style Collective members had access to the SC Lounge, which included build your own swag bags, a flat lay station, Day Owl Rose, Style Collective Sugar Cookies by Chocolati Bar, and a Chocolate Tasting by Patchi Chocolate. But, if you were a Style Collective Annual or Lifetime member, or a Regional Leader, you had exclusive access to hair and makeup touch-ups, a nail polish change station, and a custom nail design station.

Style Collective NYFW Party Recap

Seriously, have you ever seen sugar cookies and chocolate so cute?!


Style Collective NYFW Party Recap 13 Style Collective NYFW Party Recap 13 Style Collective NYFW Party Recap 13 Style Collective NYFW Party Recap 13 Style Collective NYFW Party Recap 13 Style Collective NYFW Party Recap 13


The temporary tattoos were a hit!  We asked some of the members what their favorite parts of the night were, and quite a few said they loved the temporary tattoos.  There were cute pineapples, birds, inspiring statements, tacos, and even the dancing hotdog from Snapchat!  PS – these tattoos actually stay on for about 4-5 days, or you can take them off before then if you need to.

Style Collective NYFW Party Recap 13Style Collective NYFW Party Recap 13 Style Collective NYFW Party Recap 13 Style Collective NYFW Party Recap 13


If you are not currently a Style Collective member, and you’re wondering what Style Collective is – it’s a community where bloggers and influencers of all ages from all over the world can connect. Style Collective offers e-courses, forums, and opportunities to collaborate with brands and other women in the blogger/influencer world. You can become a member and pay a monthly fee, or you can choose to become an annual or lifetime member. Either way, you have access to this amazing community, and have the opportunities and resources to attend events like this one at New York Fashion Week, and so much more!

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As DJ Khaled would say, Style Collective has the keys to throwing a successful party.  We talked to some of the sisters who had the opportunity to attend New York Fashion Week and the Style Collective NYFW event this year, and they said hands down that it was worth it. The overall favorite part of their trip was attending the SC NYFW event and meeting all of their #SCSisters that they had been following and chatting with via social media. If you’re a blogger or influencer wondering if you have enough followers or are “good enough” to attend NYFW, the answer to both is yes. You are good enough, and if you are looking for some guidance and confidence, Style Collective will help you get there. It doesn’t matter if you have been a member of Style Collective for two months or two years: if you want to see what New York Fashion Week is about, nine times out of ten, the women of Style Collective would say go for it. You will make connections, meet a ton of people, and have an experience that you won’t ever forget.

Style Collective NYFW Party Recap 13

So, brush your shoulders off, girl, and if you didn’t get to attend NYFW this year, set a goal to attend next year if you want! Reach out to your SC sisters and ask how they planned in all aspects for the trip. There are also great resources and forums on the Style Collective website to help you plan. Seeing New York during Fashion Week is overall a great experience, and when you add the opportunity to mingle and see your SC sisters into the mix, it just makes for a great trip all together!

Thank you to our sponsors for making this event a huge success!

Inside Park at St. Bart’s
Kent Stetson Handbags
Momentary Ink
Day Owl Rose
Suja Juice
Patchi Chocolate
Luxe Lather
Buzz Pop Cocktails (which were scooped up SO FAST, we didn’t get any photos of them!)
Chocolati Bar
Ritual Vitamins
Special Event Keys

If you attended our NYFW Party, drop your link below so we can read your post!