Last week, we had our first Facebook Live interview with an industry expert to help you build your business with laser focus. Cinthia from Digimorphs (our favorite SEO expert!) is back, and we chatted about the top 5 SEO trends you need to be planning for in 2019. SEO might seem complicated, but don’t let it stress you out! We’ve got the tips you need to help you grow your audience with SEO this year.

Top 5 SEO Trends to Plan for in 2019:

Quality over quantity: Why is quality over quantity so important when creating content for your blog? Once upon a time, frequent little posts were just fine — but no more. How many posts should you be creating, how often, and how long should they be? And most importantly, how can you use your posts to create authentic connections with your audience?

Making sure your content is shareable: Connecting with your ideal audience is great, but what makes that audience want to share your content with their own followers? We chat about the best ways to keep your content shareable so you can gain exposure and attract new members to your tribe.

Link building is key: Why spend time creating so much amazing content if you don’t share it with the world? Learn how to make connections and get your link out there so people can start clicking through to your site!

Video content (if that’s your thing): Why is YouTube such a powerful search engine, and why should you be making videos to attract people to your site? We share why you should consider YouTube, and brainstorm some of the content you could create in video form to target your audience. And we also answer the question: what’s better — blogging or vlogging?

Get ready for voice search: With Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, and more on the scene, voice search is a big trend! Once you’ve got your traditional SEO nailed down, how can you start prepping your content for voice search? Here are some tips to get your blog posts ready for the Q&A format of voice search.

Are you ready to start thinking strategically about your SEO so you can grow your following? To get all of Cinthia’s tips, head to our members-only Facebook Group, go to the Units section in the sidebar, and click on Facebook Live to watch the video. Not a member of SC yet? What are you waiting for? –> Join us for just $15!

Also — > Connect with Cinthia on Instagram here and join her SEO email challenge for free!


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