Who doesn’t love a good checklist? And for National Checklist Day, we have rounded up our top 6 checklists that every blogger needs to take that big step towards success! These lists are jam-packed with the best blogging tips out there. If you are just starting a blog, or polishing up your skills as a veteran blogger, joining Style Collective is always the right choice. Behind the scenes here at SC, we aim to help you be more productive, authentic, and empowered. Each week, we produce relevant and timely content to ensure you are at the forefront of trends and hone your skill set. What are you looking to accomplish? Scroll down to see our fave lists sorted into different categories.

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How To Fit SC Into Your Day, Even If You Only Have 5 Minutes

This checklist will show you how to fit Style Collective into your busy schedule, even if you only have 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes a day! Why SC, you ask? Well, Style Collective delivers on being one of the most powerful tools you have in your arsenal if you use it properly.


Staying True to Yourself While Blogging

So, how do you know when you’re being authentic? Think about it like this: every time you post on social media or your blog, you need to check yourself. We’ve compiled a checklist for you to use to hold yourself accountable to be the REAL you and make sure you’re always aligned with your values and principles!


The Blog Post Audit (Before You Post) + Checklist

We know that putting together a blog post is an epic accomplishment! So why not reap the rewards of your hard work by setting up a system that gets you a return on your effort, even after you hit “post”? There are many simple ways to audit your blog posts to be sure you get views now, and in the future.


A Foolproof Email Template & Grammar Cheat Sheet for Girlbosses

For brands, working with influencers is a marketing move, and it’s important to treat these relationships in the same manner. Proofread your grammar with this checklist before you send off any important written documents. If you do it enough it will become second nature, and those brands you have been pitching to will definitely take you seriously.


How To Ask For What You Want: Negotiating 101

Asking for what you want is hard. It’s especially hard when it involves money. It can be scary, it is not easy, and it is infrequently fun, but it’s something that is crucial to steering your career — and not letting someone else mandate your path. This checklist will walk you through the steps of traditional negotiation tactics.


Securing a Venue for a Meetup: How-To & Checklist

Feeling lonely in the blogosphere? Need to vent to someone who will understand your woes? Have a great collab idea that you want to share? It’s the perfect time to meet up with your local SC sisters!


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