why and how to use Instagram analytics

Hello, Gorgeous! I am Julianna, the creator behind the fashion blog Blush & Camo.  I am SO excited to be a contributor to the Style Collective blog! This community of total #GirlBosses is one that I am very proud to be apart of and is a community that is unlike any other in the blogging world.

Style Collective is all about community over competition and uplifting other women. Every blogger babe here shares information with their SC sisters that has helped them achieve their blogging goals, and wants to see their sisters achieve the same kind of success!

This leads me to today’s post about Instagram!

Today I’m sharing with you ladies the importance of using Instagram analytics to help grow your following!

But First…

I also want to share this with you ladies because this message is SO important to me and I want as many blogger babes to know this as possible: While having an Instagram following is important for helping to promote your blog and brand as a total #GirlBoss- your Instagram following does NOT signify your self worth, or how “successful” you are as a blogger. Whether you have 300 followers or 30,000 followers this number does not mean you aren’t a real fashion blogger or aren’t a successful blogger. All this number means is where you are at on your blogging journey. Someone’s chapter 30 is not any better or worse then someone’s chapter 1. I’m not trying to throw a bunch of corny lines at you ladies- I truly believe this message.

Ok, now that I’ve got that covered let’s dive into today’s post!

A Little Instagram History

When I first started blogging, I also started my Instagram. Why did I do both at the same time? Because I knew that having a great Instagram handle would help promote my blog posts and women are always browsing through this social media platform. I put just as much emphasizes on my social media (specifically Instagram) as I did on the launch of my blog!

First let me give you a little background history on my Instagram platform because I totally didn’t start with thousands of followers. In fact, I started with just over 100 followers and I’m pretty sure most of those people were close friends and family!

I didn’t start with a ton of followers, in fact, I started my Instagram (@julianna_claire) with 180 followers in February 2015 when I launched my first blog post on Blush & Camo. In 20 months I grew my Instagram to almost 40,000 followers! And today I continue to grow my Instagram at a rate of, on average, of 200 people a day.

I’m not sharing this information to brag (at all!), but to show you ladies that you can do it too!

I realized pretty quickly the key to growing a kick @$# Instgram community was understanding my Instagram analytics so I could post content my followers actually wanted to see!

Why are analytics so important?

Using analytics is the best way to see definitive proof of pictures that are working on your Instagram feed and pictures that aren’t working because numbers don’t lie!

Instead of guessing what you think your readers are interested in seeing on your Insta, analytics will identify exactly what your readers are looking for. The categories that are the easiest and best way to track what your followers love vs don’t love are “likes”, engagement, and then a combination of the most “liked” photos that also got the most engagement.

Another reason why you want to use analytics is because after a period of time you will start to notice trends. It’s great to know your top five most “liked” photos, but seeing trends on your handle is the most advanced way to analyze your followers activity on your Instagram.

For example, I know when I travel, those photos will get the most engagement and likes. My Blush Babes (that’s what I lovingly call my readers/followers!) get SO excited with me as I travel to new places and share those experiences on my Instagram handle.

I also know that when I post a detail pic of a specific accessory or clothing item my readers LOVE those kinds of pics. These also get the most engagement or likes.

As you can see by my Iconosquare profile (more about that in a little bit!) these photos are the most liked, most engaged, and most liked/engaged pics on my Instagram to date!

Instagram Analytics

Since I used analytics to track my Instagram stats over a period of time, I know the trends my readers gravitate towards and what pictures to create for my followers that I know they will seriously love!

You’re probably like this is great information Julianna, but how do I track my Instagram stats?!

I’m so glad you asked, Gorgeous! There are two main ways to track your Instagram analytics.

How to track your Insta analytics

1. Iconosquare

The first way to track your Instagram analytics is through a website called Iconosquare. This website is an amazing resource to use in order to get all the analysis on your Instagram handle you could possible want! This is currently the leading analytics platform for Instagram.

Some data that Iconosquare tracks are your most liked photos, most commented photos, how many followers you’ve gained in the past week, how many followers you’ve lost, etc. This tracking tool even tells you what your engagement percentage is based on the number of followers you have!

This tool gives you analysis of basically anything you want to know about your Insta handle (#heckyes!).

I highly recommend this tool to every blogger babe, but the only downside is this is not a free resource. Iconosqare is a paid program and that has monthly and yearly plans. The monthly plans start at just $4.99.

I totally understand if you are not ready to take the plunge to a paid option just yet, so that brings me to the second option to share with you ladies!

2. Create Your Own!

Sometimes the best option is to simply create your own Instagram analytics worksheet using Excel or a platform that you prefer better!

All you have to do is create columns of analytics you want to track such as your most liked and engaged photos. Then, do some digging through your Insta and pull your data! You can even keep a tally of your engagement percentage by taking your likes on a photo and dividing my the amount of followers you have for the day (yeahhh, that’s some math homework, I’m sorry!).

But what I am trying to get at is you don’t need to pay money in order to track your analytics. No matter what your budget or where you are at with your blogging journey, there is an opportunity for everyone to start tracking their Instagram’s analytics!

That is all the information I have to share with you ladies about Instagram and if you liked today’s post I did create an Instagram E-Course called “Grow Your ‘Gram” which you can purchase by clicking here!

Thank you so much for reading today’s post and I would love to start chatting with you in the comments below!

xx Julianna


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  2. Deb

    These are such great tools. I’ve heard about them but hearing how you have used them and has helped fellow bloggers… super insightful! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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