Style Collective VIP is designed for you. It can feel challenging to do everything on your own—that’s why we created this super-special community!

With your VIP membership, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions directly to Annie, contribute to planning Style Collective events, and so much more.

As a VIP member, you get access to everything in our classic membership, plus:


🌟  #SCCon Digital Access

Sit back and take notes as you watch our six workshops and four panels, initially presented in Raleigh during #SCCon18 and #SCCon20. Real, professional Influencers (including Annie herself!) walk you through how to build your brand, produce inspiring, consistent content, and take action on the opportunities you have as an Influencer. In just one year, the Raleigh attendees who took these workshops have collectively grown their following by 64%! Imagine more than doubling your following by this time next year—what would that mean for your life?

🌟 Discounts to the SC Shop

Get an exclusive discount code so you can proudly rock your new #bossbabe swag!

🌟  Monthly Masterclasses & Accountability Workbook

Struggle with landing new followers? Growing an email list? Seeing yourself as an Influencer and not just “another person on the Internet?” You’ll love these monthly trainings. Get step-by-step trainings by leading experts on topics to help you grow and stay motivated. Then take it one step further with built-in worksheets to stay on track. Take advantage of our masterclass library instantly when you join, and get access to a brand new masterclass video and workbook each month.

🌟 Live Monthly Goal-Setting Workshops and Q&A with SC Founder, Annie, as Your Cheerleader

Have a burning question? Sit down with Annie LIVE every month for Q&A and group goal-setting. It’s the perfect way to connect with other boss babes and reconnect with your inner sense of direction. Members say the live call is something they look forward to each month!

🌟 Find Your #BossBabe Match with Monthly Accountability Partners

No one succeeds alone, so we set you up with a new accountability partner at the start of each month. Share goals, stay on track, and keep each other uplifted!

🌟 VIP-Only Facebook Group

Connect with the SC VIP community in a truly meaningful way. In the Facebook group, you can chat with Annie and the experts, cheer on your fellow members, and share your wins and challenges. Contribute to the conversation and meet others like you—in real-time, at any time.

our vip membership is open for enrollment!


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I’m already a member and want to upgrade:

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3. Click the pink button that says “Upgrade” and then click “Choose Product” and complete checkout.

  • All classic monthly memberships will be converted to a VIP monthly membership. Your billing date will remain the same. You will be charged a prorated amount for the remaining billing cycle and then charged $35 on your next billing date.
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Meet Jenn

After taking our program, Jenn doubled her Instagram following in just three short months. Even though she’s worked in sales for 20+ years, she used our pitching template to successfully build authentic connections with brands and consistent paid opportunities for herself. Listen to her interview to find out how investing in herself paid off!

“It’s a no-brainer. You’re investing that money into yourself. I would have paid five times the amount for this because you lay out everything. If you believe in yourself and this is something that you want to do, you need to go for it. You need to do this. Bottom line.”

Meet Tina

After taking our program, Tina learned how to effectively get her message out as a blogger. She was able to find her unique purpose that empowers her and her followers and differentiates her from everyone else in the saturated world of influencer marketing. Listen to the video to hear more about how Style Collective helped!

“It’s not just learning principles; you’re learning about yourself, and you’re putting yourself out there. Annie is always so nice to everyone; she wants us to be our best, and you can’t get that in any other course. You can’t get what she brings to all of us: to make us all want to be better people and to inspire everyone.”

Meet Kara

Like many women, Kara felt discouraged, constantly comparing herself to women who did nothing but post cute outfits to their feed. She felt like something was missing that would help her grow her audience — and that something was The Influencer Growth Roadmap. After completing our program, Kara started staying true to herself, bringing her success, sustainability, and fulfillment in the work she does.

“You need to focus on you and what makes you happy. Quit looking at other people and their growth. It may be faster than yours, and that may happen, but you just have to focus on yourself and your own growth. This program has helped me relax, not be so uptight, feel more confident in what I’m doing, and take some of the pressure off.”